Technical Exercises


These exercises display my abilities and skills with a variety of software, and demonstrates the technical abilities necessary in conjunction with creative and conceptual work to produce quality works of design.



Botanical Chess

Inspired by botany, this conceptual chess piece aimed to be a new take on a classic game. Modeled in Rhino 3D and rendered in Keyshot Pro.

Halloween Render

This jackolantern was modeled in Rhino 3D and rendered in Keyshot Pro, with final editing in Photoshop. The entry won a Halloween themed rendering contest.

Keilhauer Chair

This Keilhauer chair was modeled in SolidWorks, using a variety of advanced surfacing techniques to produce an accurate replica. The model was rendered in Keyshot to make the recreation as lifelike as possible.


This exercise was to accurately replicate and create a technical draft of an existing object using SolidWorks.

Footwear Model

Modeled in Rhino 3D with surfacing and rendered in Keyshot, this project tackled the difficult task of creating organic softgoods in CAD software.