Aera Return top


Aera is a return top design that focuses on a specific user-group through market and product research of toys and their aesthetic languages. The design targets itself towards a younger audience, focusing on user-based values that are a result of conceptualizing around the idea of play. The aesthetic and form of the product were ideated through sketches, then created using CAD software to iterate a finalized, dimensionally accurate product.

Physical prototyping was accomplished with 3D printed parts and existing hardware to create a fully functional object that demonstrated the look and feel of the design. The prototype was tested and evaluated in order to give insight into how the design translated into the real world, which then allowed for further refinement of the product. Rapid Prototyping allowed for quick and responsive iterations to work towards finalizing the product for the manufacturing process, which likely would be injection molding.

The product shot was created with rendering software to further experiment and create the visual aesthetic of the final design. To complete the project, the renderings were assembled in Photoshop, visually representing the branding and material options of the product.